3 Secrets to Lose Pot Belly Fat and Look Great

​Are you looking to lose pot belly fat that has accumulated around your middle over the years?  There are lots of reasons to want a more attractive body (dating, high school reunion, swimsuit season, etc.), and many of these can be used as a great motivator to get into action to get the body that you really want.

Here are some great tips that will help you slim down and enjoy a more attractive body:

Get a Flat and Attractive Belly

Lose Pot Belly Tip #1 – Your Mother Was Right

Don’t slouch!

A lot of people these days have desk jobs that don’t really require a lot of physical exercises.  Of course, this lack of physical activity can help you pack on the pounds, but spending all day hunched over a computer can also harm your posture, which can accentuate your belly.

A quick fix for this is to practice standing up straighter. Of course, this will probably be somewhat uncomfortable at first as your back muscles are probably out of shape and may get tired easily.

But with some practice, you’ll eventually adopt a better posture that will significantly lessen the appearance of your belly.

Lose Pot Belly Tip #2 – Don’t Do Ab Exercises

A common misconception is that doing sit-ups, crunches, or other abdominal exercises will get rid of stomach fat and slim down your belly.  Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to lose body fat on a specific part of your body.  You will need to focus on losing overall body fat, which in turn, will melt away that belly fat.

In fact, doing sit-ups and crunches will increase the size of your abdominal muscles.  If there is still fat on top of those muscles, this will only make your belly look bigger.  So, it may seem counter-intuitive, but you should avoid doing ab exercises.

What you want to do is whole-body exercises that work large muscle groups like your legs and buttocks.  Exercises like lunges, squats, and strength training exercises are best for this.

Lose Pot Belly Tip #3 – Avoid Cardio

I know this may surprise you as well, but cardio exercises are not the best way to burn fat.  If you’re like me and think that bouncing away on a treadmill for an hour is the most boring thing imaginable, this is probably good news.

You see, when you do a cardio exercise like running or bicycling, you will only be burning calories while you are actually working out.  Plus, your body eventually becomes accustomed to the exercise and it loses its effectiveness.

Instead, work on strength training exercises like weight lifting and squats.  These will help you burn fat even after you stop exercising.  As your muscles rebuild themselves, they consume extra calories and get rid of fat.  This is far more effective than cardio.

Now, some women may be concerned about weight lifting exercises, worrying that they might turn into a freakish she-hulk.  This is extremely unlikely since the vast majority of women do not have the testosterone levels to build that kind of muscle.  Instead, you will get a lean and attractive body.
Use these lose pot belly tips to slim down your midsection and finally feel confident with your body. 

Remember, even though you may be most concerned with your belly, you want to focus on overall fat loss and fitness for the best results.

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