Best Fat Burning Exercise

​No one wants to spend hours in the gym doing boring and monotonous exercises all day long. I want to show you the best fat burning exercise so that you can instead make the best use of your time by focusing on what will get you the fastest and best results with as little time as possible spent working out.

Discover the Simple Secrets to Fat Loss

First, I want to explain why any cardio workout is not the best fat burning exercise.  There are two types of exercise, cardio and strength training.  Cardio exercises will only allow you to burn calories while you are actually doing the exercise.  That means, if you are running on a treadmill for 20 minutes, you are only burning calories for 20 minutes.

If you have one of those high-tech treadmills that tells you exactly how many calories you’re burning up, this can quickly make you feel that losing weight is nearly futile.

You eat 2000 calories per day, and you’re only burning 100 calories exercising?  A little math will tell you that you’re going to have to spend a lot of time in the gym every single day to actually lose weight this way.
So, if cardio isn’t the best fat burning exercise, then strength training surly is.

You see, when you do a strength training exercise such as the bench press or bicep curls, you are actually breaking down the muscle group.  This is why you usually feel sore the day after your workout.  

As this muscle rebuilds itself, it burns up lots of calories and chips away at your body’s fat supplies.

The best thing about this is that it does this long after you’ve stopped exercising.  That means you can literally be burning calories while you’re watching TV, eating dinner, or even sleeping!

Can you see now why strength training is the best fat burning exercise?
But let’s take things one step further.  I know that time is important to you if you’re trying to lose weight.  What is the best strength training exercise you can do to burn fat?

Simply put, it’s squats.

Squats will work upper leg and buttocks muscles.  These are the largest muscle groups in the body, so as these muscles rebuild themselves, they will burn even more calories and fat.  Since you can’t just lose body fat on a specific part of your body, this will actually help burn away fat on your whole body.  Squats really are the best fat burning exercise out there.

I know that you’re a busy person.  Between work, your family, and all the errands you need to do every day there just simply isn’t time to spend hours at the gym.

Focus your weight loss efforts on what will get you the best results with the least amount of time.  Spend a few minutes each day working on squats, and you should see noticeable results very quickly.  Now that sure beats jogging on a treadmill like a hamster running in a wheel.

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