Diabetic Weight Loss Tips that Really Work

It is really easy to gain weight when you have diabetes for many reasons. Your body cannot process sugar correctly, so it gets stored as fat instead. Making sure you only take the amount of


that you need is critical for maintaining your diabetic weight loss, when you have any type of diabetes.

Sugar free treets

Avoid Sugar

The first step that all diabetics must do is to reduce their sugar intake to exactly what their doctor tells them. This will allow your blood sugars to get stable and your body to feel better.

It also will reduce the weight gaining effects that sugars have on all people, diabetics especially. This means avoiding specific foods as much as you can at first and all together as time goes on.


There are several foods you must leave out of your diabetic weight loss diet. Sweets are the first foods that have to go. Things like ice cream, cake, pasta, bread, and other high calorie carbohydrates are not only horrible for your blood sugar regulation, but they pack on the weight.

 It is also best to stay away from fatty foods. This means fried foods, fast foods, and other foods high in fat should also be avoided at all costs. They only add to your weight issues.

Remove Bad Fats

While removing bad fat from your diet is important, there are fats that are good and must be in your diabetic weight loss diet. These fats you can get by eating lean meats, such as fish or baked chicken.

Diabetics are prone to cell damage

, and these good fats are great for rebuilding and helping cell growth.

You want to be sure to take in enough good fat to help you with wound healing and other diabetic specific issues that can arise.

walking is great exercise for diabetics

Exercise is Good

The other main step to diabetic weight loss is exercise. You really need to be sure that you are keeping your body as healthy as you can. Diabetes can reap havoc on the body over time, so the healthier of a life style that you lead, the less likely you are to succumb to the many diabetic issues.

Walking, light jogging, aerobics, yoga, palates, and other low impact exercise is always helpful for weight loss and diabetes. It keeps the blood flowing while helping you stay trim.You will want to avoid the diet drinks, bars, and other supplements unless you find one recommended by your doctor for diabetics.

Healthy Diet

Many of these products are not designed to help with blood sugar issues and could be dangerous. Eating a healthy diet with reduced calorie content should be plenty, if coupled with exercise.

While you will never be able to not be a diabetic, you will be able to live a much healthier life with fewer complications when you lose the excess weight. It is not always easy to lose weight when you have diabetes, but with work and determination, it can be done. The key to your success is to eat right, avoid sugar and bad fats, and get plenty of exercise that promotes good circulation and weight loss.

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