How to Effectively Exercise for Love Handles and Fat Loss

​We all know love handles as those soft bits of flab around our hips.  However, the technical term for that area is the obliques. Now, if you’ve read anything else I’ve written, you probably already know that the best exercise for love handles targets your overall fat loss.  You simply can lose fat on a specific part of your body without losing fat all over.

Discover 5 Tips Lose Love Handles

Let me explain this a little more.  The worst exercise for love handles you could do would be ab crunches or sit-ups.  All these will do is increase the size of the muscles around your belly without really burning much of the fat you have there.
This will just result in a layer of fat bit muscle underneath, which only makes your belly and love handle look bigger.  This probably isn’t what you really want.

So, what can you do?

You want to focus on overall fat loss and health.  For the best results, don’t focus on a quick-fix, but look for lasting results.

Your thighs and buttocks are the largest muscle groups in your body, so exercising these muscles will burn the most body fat (and get rid of those love handles the fastest).  Doing resistance training (sometimes called weight training) exercises are great for working these muscles.  As you strengthen these muscles they will burn lots of calories and fat as they grow, which will get rid of your love handles.

If you’re a woman, don’t worry about ending up a freakish over-muscled bodybuilder.   Most women (and men actually) can’t really do that without really trying.  Your testosterone levels just aren’t high enough to build that kind of muscle.

Do exercises such as squats, lunges, leg lifts, and other lower-body exercises to help tone and strengthen these muscle groups while burning away your love handles and other areas of body fat.

A good quick workout routine might consist of:

•    warm-up and stretch
•    leg press
•    squats
•    lunges
•    cool-down

This is a great workout, but keep in mind that with any weight training exercise routine, you must give your muscles time to rest and recover.  So alternate between this workout and another exercise routine that focuses on other muscle groups (like your arms) or a cardio workout.

An even better aerobic exercise for love handles is doing something you enjoy.  Instead of spending your alternate day running on a boring treadmill, why not play some soccer or do some other sport or activity that you enjoy.  The best exercises out there are the ones that you enjoy doing and don’t seem like work.

This is how to exercise for love handles and stomach fat.  Keep at this, and remember that you must focus on overall fat loss.  Burn fat all over your body and you will find that not only will your love handles disappear, but the rest of your body will become lean, toned, and very attractive.

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