Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

​Do you want to know some fast exercises to lose weight?  Swimming can be great, but who has time to go to the pool each day?  Same with cross-country skiing.

That is an excellent way to lose weight even though I think it is too much of an aerobic exercise to truly boost metabolism and jump start your resting metabolism.  Any guesses on what it might be?

Discover the BEST and EASY Way to Lose Weight 

Okay, give up?  It’s squats!  Plain, boring squats.  Do this exercise and you’ll likely feel the burn in your legs.  But trust me, this isn’t just a leg exercise.  Squats are one of the absolute best fast exercises to lose weight.

In addition to that burning sensation in your leg muscles, you also working your heart, calves, and butt.  Plus if you add some weights to your squats, you’ll be working your shoulders and back as well.

Get started losing weight easily

You may know by now that in order to lose weight, you can’t target specific areas of your body, but you need to lose weight all over instead.  You do this through cardio exercises in addition to resistance training (like squats).  Squats will strengthen your leg and buttocks muscles, which are two of the largest muscle groups in your body.

If you want to boost your metabolism big time and turn your body into a ruthlessly efficient fat-burning machine, do squats!  By strengthening the two largest muscle groups in your body your metabolism will shoot up like crazy.  Your body will start burning up calories in order to feed these muscle groups and you’ll see the pounds just melt away.  This exercise can really transform your body quickly!

Squats look easy.  It’s not hard to brush them off as just another exercise, but don’t let appearances fool you.  These are tough.  Especially if you are not used to exercising regularly.  The first few days will be challenging and you will likely be sore.  I like people to start out doing about 50 squats each day.

Take your time, but eventually make it your goal to build up to 100 squats each day.  No matter what level you’re at, you should be able to fit in a good series of squats in five minutes or less.  So no complaining that you don’t have the time!

I hope you understand why I think squats are one of the best fast exercises to lose weight.  They really work your whole body and especially target the largest muscle groups in your body so that you get the biggest fat-burning bang for your buck.  So, get to it and start those squats today!

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