4 Juice Fasting Weight Loss Tips You Need to Succeed

​Juice fasting for weight loss is something very serious that can completely transform a person and how they behave and act. At first, you may notice extremely fasting weight loss of a few pounds per day, but over time, that will level off to about a pound or two per day.

The benefits don’t just come in your physical transformation.  Of course, during a 30-day juice fast, you may lose 30 pounds or more, which will completely transform your body.  But you will also gain more confidence, become more organized and dedicated, and break your addictions to certain foods and overeating habits.

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Here are some tips to keep in mind during your juice fast:

Juice Fasting Weight Loss Tip #1 – Get Some Exercise

Of course, you don’t want to do anything overly strenuous, but something simple like jogging should be fine.  If possible exercise outside.  The fresh air will do you good and so will the sunlight (vitamin D production).

Juice Fasting Weight Loss Tip #2 – No Gum or Mints

Don’t chew gum or eat any mints while you’re on your juice fast.  These may seem harmless, but they actually stimulate the release of digestive enzymes that will cause you to feel a heightened sense of hunger.  Though gum or mints may be tempting, trust me, you don’t want to fight back that nasty beast called “hunger” down the road.

Juice Fasting Weight Loss Tip #3 – Ease Into It

Before the fast starts, ease into it by eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for about a week or so before beginning the actual fast.  Avoid things like alcohol, smoking, junk foods, or meats (which are usually packed with all kinds of chemicals and toxins).  You may be craving these things now, but stay strong.

Many people that do a juice fast actually find that they lose all cravings for unhealthy foods and break the patterns of food addiction.

Juice Fasting Weight Loss Tip #4 – Avoid Negativity

It could come from watching the news too much (violent crimes, government scandals, horrible car wrecks…) or from your friends and family (worrying that you’ll starve to death or accuse you of falling prey to a scam).  Negative things will cause you to doubt yourself and make it more likely that you will give up or fail.

Keep your mind focused on the positive outcomes of your fast.  Namely, your new healthier body, cleansing your system and freeing yourself from unhealthy habits.

Juice fasting for weight loss can be an incredibly powerful act to shed a significant amount of weight in a short period of time.  Best of all you’ll be getting rid of those toxins stored up in your body, which will return the elasticity to your skin.  Even if you lose a large amount of body fat, you won’t need to worry about having loose skin afterward.

​A juice fast can be an excellent way to super-charge your weight loss efforts and get you some serious results fast.

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