Making Smarter Food Choices Everyday- Key to Healthier Weight Loss

The hectic pace of modern life often leaves people with little time to eat properly; there is a big difference between eating healthily and eating a meal! When you are in a hurry it is easy to choose a fast food or processed meal which is likely to be high in calories, fat and salt. It is these choices which will make it harder for you to lose weight, even if you are exercising regularly. Healthier weight loss is the result of regular exercise and a balanced diet. You must watch what is going in your body.

Settle on a Healthier Weight Loss Plan

It is essential to adopt the right mindset. You will not lose weight instantly and if you do, it is likely to be an unhealthy weight loss which will quickly go back on. The best way to lose weight is by losing a small amount each week as a result of an improved lifestyle. Train your mind and your brain to accept you will have small, achievable goals. Your brain will actually start to crave the healthier food you are eating!

Additionally, it is essential to consider every change you may make to your diet; is it feasible to stick to the diet for the long term? You may also wish to consider if the cost of your diet change will significantly affect your weekly budget.

Motivation and support For a Healthier Weight Loss Plan

The small goals you have set to help train your brain will also help you to stay motivated. If you can achieve the goal every week then you will become dedicated to carrying on. Another way to ensure you stay motivated and on track is to enlist the support of your family and friends. Some of them may even join you in your diet!

Danger points

As with any lifestyle change, there are dangers to be aware of; these are likely to be more prevalent in the early days; the longer you continue with a diet the easier it will become. The following points could derail your efforts:

Suddenly giving up all your sweet treats will leave you craving them. This will mean you feel deprived and make you more likely to give in to them.

Changing your lifestyle can result in weight loss which then goes back on; this is a common effect as you replace fat with muscle.

If your new diet and lifestyle are too complicated to do all the time you will be likely to give up.

Eating out can become a chore if you are constantly looking at the right foods to choose. Don’t give up eating out, enjoy what they have to offer and continue your diet the next day!

Commercials will often promise huge amounts of weight loss and you may not achieve this. This is not a failure! You must simply focus on your own goals and slow, steady progress.


Your craving for food could come from hunger or a desire to have something you have become accustomed to. It can be difficult to break this cycle in the early days of your new diet. You need to devise a plan and stick to it. However, you should include the opportunity to indulge a little; this will help you to stick to your diet as you will not feel you are missing out. You will also be able to ignore your cravings as you know there are a time and a place when you can indulge!


No diet or lifestyle change will be successful unless you add a little exercise into your daily routine. Choose an exercise you enjoy and commit to doing it regularly. You will soon notice the difference! To boost the fat burning process, you might want to consider supplementing your diet with foods that speed up the process. Green tea, for example, is an excellent addition. It is packed with healthy antioxidants that burn fat a lot faster when working out. Maca root extract is yet another great fat burner. Maca root is a super food rich in trace minerals and phytohormones. This helps to boost energy, build muscle and lose weight in the healthiest way possible. 

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