How to Really Lose Weight Fast

Okay, so I take it if you’re here, you want how to really lose weight fast. Often times, though, most people who make it their aim to drop some weight will likely just drop ten or fifteen pounds of water weight. Then they’re finished.

You can’t just lose water weight or starve yourself and expect that to be an effective way to lose weight. Instead, you want to turn your body into a much more efficient instrument for burning fat. If you really want to lose weight fast, then follow these directions:

Lose weight quickly and easily

First, set realistic weight loss goals — Start by setting two goals. The first is a short term goal, such as I want to lose 5 pounds a week. You’ll be using this goal to help keep you on track so that you know if your efforts are paying off.

Make sure this goal is something you believe you can do. An outlandish goal such as losing 25 pounds in a week is not realistic and your subconscious mind won’t believe that you are really serious about losing weight.

The second goal you want to set is a long-term goal. This goal might be something like losing 50 pounds by the summer so that you can feel confident wearing a swimsuit to the beach.

This goal should be something you can be excited about and something that you really want to aim for. You will use your short-term goals to gauge whether or not you are making adequate progress toward your long-term goal.

Each week, you should schedule your exercise sessions for that week. Set aside the appropriate amount of time to exercise when you think you will have enough energy to put in a good workout.

Treat these commitments very seriously, like you would a dentist appointment or a meeting at work. Don’t think of your workout as something that you can easily brush off and don’t let other people try to get you to flake on working out to do unimportant things. If you want to really lose weight fast, you’re going to have to make a solid commitment to it and stay dedicated.

Second, you will be working out — You’ve set aside the time for it, so what will you be doing as you exercise? You will be doing two types of exercise. The first is the aerobic exercise. This will burn some calories as you run on a treadmill or bicycle. This is great, but we also want to build some lean muscles through weight lifting.

Lean muscles will help turn your body into a machine that efficiently burns calories all the time. The more lean muscles you have the higher your metabolism will be and the more calories you will burn as your body feeds these muscles the fuel that they need.

 Alternate days between aerobic exercises and weight lifting. This will give your muscles a chance to recover while you are exercising a different set of muscles. Now, when you first get started, you will probably want to start easy on yourself. Use lighter weights and fewer reps. I know you’re eager to lose weight, but don’t start out too aggressive and hurt yourself. Start slow and easy and work up to the big weights.

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