Do You Need to Lose Weight Fast?

Do you need to lose weight fast? I stumbled upon this little diet that you can use to lose 20 pounds of fat in only 30 days. You don’t even need to do any exercising. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, try it out and you just might be surprised.

Discover a sure-fire way to lose weight fast

If you need to lose weight fast, then follow these four simple rules to shed those pounds like there’s no tomorrow:

First, don’t eat any “white carbohydrates” — Don’t eat rice, bread, potatoes, anything fried, pasta, or cereal. Essentially, if it’s white, or used to be white, don’t eat it. If you do happen be doing some sort of exercise, it is okay to eat a little bit of these, but only within an hour and a half following a resistance training workout.

Secondly, select a few meals and eat them frequently — It’s no secret that successful dieters don’t mix up their meals too much. They stick to a select few meals and eat them regularly. So if you need to lose weight fast, create a few meals out of the following list of foods and enjoy them regularly for 30 days.

You can eat as much of these as you like, just remember to keep your meals simple. This is a “slow carb” diet, which is different from a low carb diet. Many people will give up on low carb diets because they complain about not having enough energy. In order to combat this, we’ve added legumes to the mix for calories.

A lot of people will eat more than just three meals a day to help spread the calories throughout the day and keep their metabolism burning steadily all day long.


Egg whites
Organic Beef
Chicken breast or chicken thigh


Other mixed veggies


Pinto beans
Black beans

Here are a few sample meals you might consider on this diet:

  • Egg whites or whole eggs with black beans and mixed veggies
  • Pork with pinto beans and mixed veggies
  • Organic beef with lentils and mixed veggies
  • Chicken breast with asparagus and lentils

Thirdly, keep your calories in food form — While you’re doing this, drink water. Lots of water. You can mix it up with unsweetened ice tea, regular tea, or black coffee (no sugary mochas or cream). You’ll want to give up drinking milk, fruit juice, and sugary sodas. These are just extra calories that will only interfere with this diet.

Lastly, take a day off each week — You will like this rule. One day every week, let yourself go and eat whatever you want. Ice cream, cookies, candy bars… have them all… as much as you want. Don’t think of it as “undoing” all that precious work you already put in. Doing this will spike the number of calories you take in, which will actually keep your metabolism from slowing down.

So if you just absolutely need to lose weight fast, you can follow this simple diet and watch your waistline significantly shrink in a matter of a month or so. The food might take some getting used to, but it’s sure a lot better than starving yourself or counting calories neurotically.

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