Stop Binge Eating – 4 Tips to Avoid Pigging Out

​Even the best of us break down from time to time and succumb to the weakness that slice of cake or that bag of chips. But it’s best to plan ahead so you can stop binge eating in its tracks and keep it from sabotaging your weight loss plan.Here are some ways to keep yourself from doing something you’ll only regret down the road:

Diet Has the Word “DIE” in it

Put It in Writing

Did you know that at the Center for Behavioral Medicine in Chicago discovered that if you simply keep a written record of what you eat every day you’ll have a tendency to control what you eat better?Frankly, most people don’t want to suffer the shame and guilt of writing down all that junk food they would normally eat.You can take this to the next level by getting yourself an accountability partner. Find a friend or co-worker that is also trying to lose some weight e-mail them every day what you eat.Not only will the responsibility of reporting to someone else help you stop binge eating, but their advice can help you notice certain eating patterns you are going through.

Fill up fast

Most people tend to go overboard on those forbidden foods like the chocolate cake or the big slice of pizza. It’s fine to eat these things once in a while, but you don’t want to stuff yourself silly on these foods.If you’re going to enjoy these types of foods, eat some low-calorie filling foods such as an apple first so that you’re more likely to feel full before your second helping of dessert. This keeps you from overloading on calories and helps you stop binge eating before you overdo it.

Take 5

Most people overeat not because they’re hungry but because they are bored or nervous or stressed. In other words, they are emotional eaters. It’s a great way to stop binge eating by giving yourself a time out before you eat.The next time you find yourself standing in front of the vending machine or about to walk into the ice cream shop, stop and wait 5 minutes. Do something else for a few minutes.Take a walk, talk to a friend on the phone, read a book, anything that will change your focus. If you no longer feel the urge to eat after 5 minutes, you’ve just saved yourself from emotional eating. Way to go!Healthy dieting and natural food are more beneficial to health treatment. Eating food habits should be improved and eating disorders must be avoided. Good food eating habits have to start to control mental health also. Treatment is not as powerful as freehand exercise and natural food. Binge eating doesn’t support healthy soundness. Emotional feelings very person to person. Mental disorder is also hampered to improve physical health.

Blow Off Some Steam

Since a lot of the overeating problems people have are emotional, discovering alternate ways to handle your stress is a great way to stop binge eating. Plus, studies show that a stress-related chemical called cortisol actually causes our bodies to store more fat.Some other ways to reduce stress include learning how to meditate, taking up yoga, working out, or simply just talking to some friends. If you find yourself walking to the kitchen just to grab “a small snack” or “something sweet” it’s already over.Get in the habit of doing something else to take the edge off. If none of the above suggestions appeal to you, figure out something else that you enjoy doing and give that a shot.Overeating can really undo a lot of hard work that you put into your weight loss routine. Take the above 4 tips into consideration to help you stop binge eating and finally see the results of all the hard work you’ve been putting in on your diet or exercising.

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