A Successful Weight Loss Plan that Actually works

Losing weight is different for everyone. Some people respond quickly to diets while other respond better to high energy exercise. When looking for a weight loss plan, it is important to choose one that will work for you.

good weight loss plan

Weight Loss Plan

When you first start your

weight loss program

, make specific goals for both the long term and short term that you think are attainable for you. It’s a bad idea to set a goal such as “I want to look like Jennifer Aniston by summer.” That is unattainable for most people. If you’ve had weight loss success in the past, use those same techniques now.

Sometimes it seems as though the weight is never going to go anywhere. With hard work, dedication and consistency, you will succeed. You should celebrate every victory, no matter how small. The success of your program should be measured by more than just weight loss.

Muscle weighs more than fat so some people actually gain weight at the beginning of a new exercise program. Inches lost must also be considered. Eating better and exercising also have far reaching health benefits. Keep track of your energy level as well as your blood pressure to see how your body is improving.

Life Changing Habits

Think of your new weight loss plan as a lifelong change in eating habits. Making certain foods, such as sweets or carbs taboo will ensure failure. In order to improve your eating habits for the long haul, you must include some treats and favorite foods. The key to enjoying these types of treats is portion control.

You exercise routine must not remain static. If you do the same exercise everyday, your body will become accustomed to the movements and you will stop seeing results. Most people experience a plateau at some point. You must simply push through that and change your exercise routine.

Journal, See it in Writing

Keeping a food journal can help emotional eaters and those prone to binging realize the situations, thoughts and feelings that set them off. When people understand why they cheat on diets or why they begin a binge-starve cycle they can begin to make healthy changes.

A journal can also help those on a weight loss plan realize why they didn’t succeed during specific periods.

Realistic Goals

Realistic Goals

Besides setting unrealistic goals, some people make the mistake of setting goals that really do not require much effort. Eliminating ice cream will not help you lose weight if you simply replace it with cookies.

Walking to and from the mailbox will have little affect. It can be helpful to make a diet and exercise plan that will improve your health. Many people are better able to stick to a weight loss plan if its main objective is better health. Weight loss becomes an extra added bonus.


You should have several different measurements to determine how well your weight loss plan is working for you. Lower blood pressure, a smaller waist, weight loss and an increase in energy are all indicators that your program is working.

Do not get discouraged if you cannot see these benefits every week or every month. If you are persistent, you will succeed.


Everyone reacts differently to various types of diets. In the long run, you will benefit more from a lifestyle change, not a diet. Consulting your doctor is always beneficial when beginning a weight loss plan. Making health your main priority also increases your chance of being successful. Do not deprive yourself and do not give up.

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