The Extreme Fat Loss Diet

The Extreme Fat Loss Diet comes to us from renowned fitness expert and author Joel Marion. Even with the expanded obesity coverage offered through the new health insurance marketplaces, it may not be enough. If you want to lose weight quickly this is the diet for you.

The meal plans are unique and are based on a 5-day cycle that is repeated 5 times over a period of 25 days. If you need to lose weight quickly and are interested in starting this plan, you should see your physician due to the extreme nature of the program.

Not to say it is unsafe but people who need to lose weight fast should consult their healthcare provider before partaking in the Extreme Fat Loss Diet as a cautionary measure. This loss weight quickly program is based on manipulating your body’s hormone levels then capitalizing on them with fat burning workouts to achieve maximum results.

Joel’s background as a nutritionist certainly comes into play here as he uses metabolic principles to help the body lose weight quickly. Read on as we perform an in-depth analysis of the program below.

The Cheat Day

The extreme fat loss diet starts off on a cheat day seems very non-traditional but there is a method to the madness. People that need to lose weight fast can eat their favorite fatty foods such as burgers, pizza, and ice cream. Why you ask? Because it boosts your levels of the hormone leptin which results in a quicker metabolism.

Marion argues that conventional  weight loss programs cut too many calories making your leptin levels decrease resulting in minimal fat loss. He continues on by saying that severe calorie restriction makes the body go into conservation mode that results in minimal results and frustration. 

Not only is the cheat day good for boosting metabolism and leptin levels it is a big psychological boost because you only have to stay on the extreme fat loss diet for 4 days which most people can do. During the cheat day you do perform muscle building  workouts that are designed to help you get toned and take advantage of your body’s leptin levels.

Shake Day

This particular day calls for a meal plan of special nutritional shakes. This day makes sure you get a specific number of calories as well as high protein to help your body recover from the workouts done on the cheat day.

Fasting Day

By the time you reach the fast day Marion states that leptin levels in the body should be at their peak which means it is the optimal time to create a caloric deficit and lose weight quickly. Leptin levels rise to their highest a couple of days after the cheat day.

This day is not a complete fast as you are allowed to eat a minimal amount of food. You also train on this day by using the energy in your body from the cheat day to do the exercises. Moderate Carbohydrate Day This day the extreme fat loss diet has you consuming foods based upon the ratio of 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat. This helps increase fat loss and build up muscle.

Protein only Day

To lose weight quickly, today is your eat protein only day, that will ride the body of carbs making room for the cheat day that happens next. You repeat the cycle a total of 5 times. Marion suggests the cycle can be done every 2-3 months but not more.

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