4 Weight Loss Motivation Tips to Keep You Going

​Losing weight isn’t easy.  You have to battle against lifestyle, genetics, food cravings, societal pressures, and in some cases even the shame of going to the gym and being around all those fit, attractive people.  These weight loss motivation tips will help keep you from giving up.

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Visualize Your New Body

Maybe you used to be in great shape back in high school.  That’s great!  Dig up some old photos of yourself and use them to inspire you.  Remember how it felt to have a great body and use that to help push you through all the hard times when you feel like giving up.

If you never really were all that fit, you can still do this too.  Take the time to visualize the body you want to have.  Set a realistic deadline to reach that goal.  For example, losing 15 pounds by the first day of summer is a great goal.

Commit to It

If you’ve got a little extra cash and you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is, commit to your weight loss.  Go out and buy a pair of pants or another article of clothing in your desired size and hang it in your bedroom where you’ll see it every day.

No one likes wasting money, so you’ll be driven to really work hard and reach your weight loss goal so you can fit into that outfit.  This is one of those weight loss motivation tips that can really go a long way.

Don’t Go It Alone

Let’s face it, if you go to the gym by yourself, you’re much more likely to find some excuse to not work out.  But if you have a workout partner that you exercise regularly, it will be harder to back out.  You’ll show up and put in the work so that you don’t let down your friend or appear lazy to them.

Another option is to have an accountability friend.  At the end of each day send a quick e-mail to your friend and tell them everything you ate that day.  Often times the simple fact that you have to tell someone what you ate will make you less likely to grab a candy bar or that mocha on the way to work.
This is one of the most effective weight loss motivation tips I know of.

Reward Yourself

Maybe you don’t feel so great about your body.  I get it.  But that doesn’t mean you need to punish yourself with a strict and oppressive weight loss plan.  If you’ve done a good job this week, give yourself a reward.  Have your favorite meal for dinner, or enjoy a little dessert.

If you don’t give yourself a little reward here and there, you are much more likely to get frustrated and give up.  Or worse yet, sabotage yourself.  By controlling this behavior and allowing yourself a reward once a week, you can stop a simple slice of cake from turning into a binge you’ll regret later.

Use these weight loss motivation tips to help keep you going toward your fat burning goal.  Remember, if you do slip up, it’s important not to beat yourself up.  Just pick yourself back up and get back on your diet or exercise program.

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